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About Cultivators

Rototillers and cultivators both work to loosen up the soil in your backyard, front yard or garden area to make planting easier and more efficient. In fact, creating flower beds or garden patches without them can be tricky and difficult work. 

If you're in the market for a rototiller or cultivator, Ace has a variety of options for you. Use the search tool to refine your results based on brand, price, top-rated products and more. 


 Buying a rototiller can help you loosen large areas of soil in a hurry. With efficiency and power, these lawn machines are ideal for making space to grow grass, plants, vegetables or gorgeous flowers right on your lawn. 

Use these tips from Ace to help you find the right rototiller for your yard: 

  • Buy based on engine type. 2-cylinder models typically use oil and gas, while 4-cylinder models use gasoline only. 
  • Look for a rear-tine tiller for large jobs, since these machines have engine-driven wheels. 
  • When working with existing beds, weeding or forming compost, use less powerful forward-tine tillers.
  • Shop for a reverse drive model. The ability to reverse your tiller will make your work much smoother.
  •  Choose a model with pneumatic tires to make maneuvering your tiller considerably easier.

Helpful Hint: Check the maximum depth capabilities of your tiller before you buy. Most tillers are adjustable, but not all. 

Consider a Cultivator

A rototiller can do a lot of the heavy lifting in your yard or garden area, but it isn't a necessary tool for every home. If you've only got a little bit of land to tend to, a power cultivator might be a better option for a variety of reasons. 

Cultivators are easier to use than rototillers. They tend to have fewer options, settings and different parameters to make gardening a bit easier. A power cultivator is lighter and more portable than a standard garden tiller. If you've got a large yard but don't need the nuances and different settings of a rototiller, a cultivator could be the perfect choice. 

Gasoline-powered, electric and cordless cultivator models are available. 

Cultivators usually cost less than rototillers, allowing you to spend more on other areas of your yard.

Whether you've got 20 acres of land or a typical backyard, having a rototiller or cultivator in your arsenal can come in handy. Shop Ace to find the best products and great deals on garden tillers and power cultivators today.