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Air Compressors

Whether you're working on home improvements or at a busy construction site, you need power tools that are up to the task. Our range of air compressors from top-rated brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Campbell Hausfeld has the features and flexibility required to get the job done quicker and easier. Read this quick guide to find the best air compressor for your upcoming projects. 

Air Compressor Features for Every Task  

Our selection of compressors includes models for every job type. Here are five important ratings to look for when deciding on the best compressor for your needs: 

  • Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): The PSI figure tells you how much pressure the compressor can deliver to your tools. For safety and efficiency, it's important to match the pressure to the tool and the task. Our selection features models from 110 PSI up to over 160 PSI to get your work done with power to spare. 
  • Horsepower (HP): A compressor's horsepower is the raw strength of its motor. Higher horsepower motors fill the air tank more quickly, letting you get to work on your projects faster. 
  • Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM): An SCFM rating tells you how fast your compressor can deliver air to your tools. Higher SCFMs means you can run more powerful tools, or even several pneumatic tools at the same time, without overloading the system. 
  • Tank Size: Larger tanks let you work with sustained speed and lower motor heat, while smaller tanks are more portable and need less juice to fill. At Ace, you can choose tanks from 1 gallon for lighter jobs up to over 20 gallons for heavy-duty work. 
  • Air Couplers: Our range of products include air compressor models with more than one air coupler to accommodate multiple users. That way, tasks at the job site or DIY steps can be completed faster. 

Space-Saving and Portable Air Compressors 

Along with each model’s specifications, there may be added features you need to complete the job with ease. Look for the following features to find the perfect air compressor model for you: 

  • Portable air compressors with integrated handles and wheels 
  • Handheld air compressors for smaller, quicker tasks 
  • Vertical, stacked and pancake air compressor shapes to accommodate your space 
  • Oil-free motors for better value, higher reliability, increased portability and easier maintenance 

Along with these features, look for high-quality air compressors that include a range of accessories to help make projects quick and easy. Some items that may come with an air compressor include high-pressure tapered nozzles, valve adapters, inflator needles, high-volume tapered nozzles, high-pressure rubber hoses, inflation kits, compressor oils and more. 

Shop Ace to Get the Best Air Compressor 

For demanding tasks, home repairs, work at the construction site, topping off tires, spinning wrenches and other projects, our air compressors can keep up. Shop our assortment of compressors to get great savings on trusted brands. If you need help picking the best model and other air compressor tools for your needs, head to your local Ace to get expert tips and advice from our helpful staff.