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Lawn sprinklers are an essential investment for maintaining your lawn and garden. At Ace, we carry both oscillating and tractor sprinklers to suit your garden’s needs. Choose from rotating spiked options secured into the ground, convenient oscillating sprinklers laid on top of a lawn, and even traveling sprinklers.

Types of Sprinklers 

While there are several different types of sprinklers on the market today, tractor and oscillating sprinklers are two of the most common options. 

Tractor Sprinklers

A tractor sprinkler is a self-propelled traveling sprinkler with arms that spurt water. These sprinklers are placed on the ground and are propelled forward by the water pressure, which rotates their wheels. 

Oscillating Sprinklers

An oscillating sprinkler is another type of portable sprinkler that's laid on top of the lawn. They have a large bar with jets that disperse water in a fan-like motion over the lawn. Oscillating sprinklers water the lawn in a rectangular fashion. Both are efficient, however, oscillating sprinklers are often the preferred option for larger lawns.

Rotating Sprinklers

At Ace Hardware, we also stock rotating sprinklers. These are spiked into the ground and disperse water to the lawn in a circular manner. While these sprinklers can cover a large area, multiple units may be required to water an entire lawn or garden. 

You can also use a garden hose to target specific areas and control the amount of water it gets.

Lawn Sprinkler Features to Consider

Lawn sprinklers each come with specific features to optimize your landscaping. Consider the following sprinkler features when choosing the best option for your yard:

  • Throw spray range: The distance the water travels from the sprinkler will help determine which sprinkler would be best for your lawn and how many you may need for full coverage. Shop for options with a throw spray range from 10 to 100 feet.
  • Coverage area: While throw spray measures the reach of the sprinkler water, coverage describes the entire area the water coats and is measured in square footage. This is especially helpful information to have when looking at rotating sprinklers. 
  • Intelligent sensing technology: Some sprinklers have built in sensory intelligence that reacts to and repels animals and pests to help protect your lawn or garden. 
  • Adjustable range control: Different settings let you adjust the sprinkler height and range for closer or further coverage.
  • Customized spray: Adjust your water pressure from a powerful jet to a gentle mist to get the exact amount of water you want for each area of your yard.

Top Brand Lawn Sprinklers at Ace 

Here at Ace Hardware, we stock a large selection of sprinkler brands and styles to suit any lawn. You can choose from sprinklers by our own brand as well as other big names, including Dramma, Gardena, Gllmour and many more. Our friendly staff can assist you in your local Ace Hardware store to help you make your final decision. Pay us a visit to chat with your local gardening and lawn care expert today.