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You work hard to maintain your lawn, but many types of fungi can cause significant damage to your grass and plants. Fortunately, Ace Hardware carries a variety of fungicides to keep your yard looking its best. Learn how to keep your yard healthy and disease-free with the following lawn fungicide control guide from the helpful team at Ace.

What is Lawn Fungicide?

Once a fungi-related disease has taken control of your yard, repairing the damage can be a costly and time-consuming task. Applying fungus treatments for lawns can kill the source of the fungi and restore your yard to pristine condition.

Fungicides are used to prevent or control the spread of fungal diseases. Products like organic fungicides and fungicide sprays work to stop the spread of disease from infecting grasses, shrubs and plants. Although lawn fungicide treatments cannot completely restore a lawn that's already been affected by fungal disease, the products can prevent the disease from spreading further and may help plants recover quicker.

How to Tell if Your Yard Needs a Fungicide Treatment

Certain types of fungi are prevalent in different climates and regions of the country. If your yard has a lawn disease caused by fungi, you may notice large brown patches in your grass during warm summer months. Yellow grass blades accompanied with dark, fuzzy spots can also be an indication of lawn disease. In these instances, applying a grass fungicide or a fungicide for plants may prevent further damage to your lawn.

What are the Best Fungicides for Lawns?

Fungicides come in a large variety of application types including powders, liquids and granules. When identifying the best fungicide for your lawn, understanding the different properties of lawn fungicides is important.

Preventative Vs. Curative Fungicides

Preventative fungus treatments for lawns are made with ingredients designed to keep grasses and plants from initially becoming infected with a fungal disease. Curative lawn fungicide treatments are designed to slow down the growth of the fungal disease and prevent it from spreading.

Contact Vs. Systemic Lawn Fungicides

Contact lawn fungus control products, typically granule fungicides, remain on the surface of grasses and plants and are not fully absorbed. These fungicides are useful for creating a protective barrier against fungal diseases where treatments have already been made.

Systemic fungicide sprays and powders work to protect and prevent fungal diseases. These fungicides are fully absorbed into grasses and plants upon contact.

Broad-Spectrum Vs. Narrow-Spectrum Fungicides

Broad-spectrum fungicides for plants can be useful when treating a wide array of fungi. Most contact fungicides fall into the broad-spectrum category.
Narrow-spectrum lawn fungus control products are useful for treating specific types of fungi. Most systemic fungicides fall into the narrow-spectrum category, meaning they can be safely absorbed into grasses or plants.

Tips for Applying Fungus Treatments for Lawns

Plants and grasses can quickly become immune to the active ingredients found in fungicide sprays and powders. To help prevent immunity, after applying one to two fungicide treatments to your lawn, consider switching to a new fungicide product. Before applying a grass fungicide product, read the back of the label to verify the product is safe for use on your lawn. 

Help protect your yard protected against damaging fungal diseases by shopping the selection of fungicides at Ace Hardware. Searching for a way to repair trouble spots caused by fungal problems? Browse our offerings of grass seeds and garden hoses.