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Whether you're an occasional boater or a committed fishing fan, spending time on the water needs the right equipment and accessories to be enjoyable and safe. Our marine accessories section contains everything you need for days on the lake, river or sea.

Boat Cleaning Accessories 

Your boat is a valuable investment which needs looking after. Regular car cleaning products might not be up to the task of keeping your boat in shipshape condition, but our range of boat cleaners and polishes, brushes and mops, and other marine cleaning accessories will provide everything you need. 

Marine Docking Equipment 

Secure moorings are an essential part of boat care, and we stock all the dock parts and accessories you need to keep your boat safe and sound. From dock brackets to boat dock ladders, dock bumpers to keel rollers, we've got your docking needs covered.

Transportation Parts and Accessories 

But if your boat doesn't have a permanent mooring, you'll need transport parts and accessories to get to the water. Our range has all the essentials including strap winches and polyester tie downs, trailer jacks and locking pins, wheel bearing kits and steel u-bolts.

Marine Batteries and Accessories 

Equipping your boat with a reliable deep cycle marine battery means you'll have the performance to handle long days of fishing. It's also an essential safety feature to have a marine battery you can depend on. Our range includes the batteries and accessories you need to kit your boat out to the right standard and operating safely.

Marine Electrical Equipment 

We stock a full range of boating electrical equipment, including lighting, control switches, kill switches and battery clips. We also have the electrical accessories you need for on-the-water repairs and maintenance, from spark plugs and ignition switches to fuse holders and terminal blocks.

Marine Fuel Equipment 

Keep your boat running smoothly with our range of fuel system accessories. Choose from fuel filters and tanks, water separators, motor flushers, and fuel lines and connectors to keep your boat running. 

Bilge Pumps and Accessories 

A high-quality bilge pump should do its thing without you even noticing it, keeping nuisance water away from both technical equipment and living areas. But even more importantly, if you're involved in an emergency, you need a pump you can rely on. We stock bilge pumps from respected brands including Rule and Seachoice, with models able to clear up to 2,000 gallons of bilge water per hour.

Life Jackets 

Safety on board is a number one priority, and we stock a range of US Coast Guard approved life jackets in sizes to fit everyone from infants to adults.

All Other Boat Accessories 

And lastly, make all your fishing and leisure boating trips pass smoothly and safely with all the other boat accessories you need to be fully equipped. From drinks holders to fishing rod holders and mounters, visibility kits to emergency whistles, our range fills in the gaps to complete your boating experience.

A day on the water is a highlight of the summer, whether you spend it fishing or relaxing in the sun. But you need the right equipment and accessories to do it in comfort and safety. If you need any advice on any of our marine accessories, contact us online or drop in to your local Ace store where our expert staff can help.