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For over 85 years, Milwaukee has been an industry leader in both durability and performance. Ace Hardware carries a large inventory of Milwaukee power tools that combine a lightweight design, compact construction and powerful technology to provide outstanding performance.

When buying Milwaukee power tools, you have many options to choose from, so it's helpful to stay informed about which tools might best suit your projects. Use this Milwaukee power tool guide to learn how to select tools with the right features to get the job done.

Milwaukee Power Tools for Every Task

For tackling projects both large and small, Milwaukee power tools are essential. Whether you're a professional contractor, a weekend DIYer or a woodworking enthusiast, our selection of quality Milwaukee drills, saws and other power tools provide the reliable performance you need.

Take a look at some of the common types of Milwaukee power tools we have in stock and the different uses they're suited for so you can choose the right tools for you.

Milwaukee Drills

Hang picture frames, install shelving and tackle many more projects with the incredibly versatile Milwaukee drills. These power tools operate with electric motors and spin at rapid paces to provide quick, efficient drills and drives. Their drivers or bits are held in a clamping position called a chuck, and the drills range in power to accommodate projects of all sizes and scopes. When shopping our selection of Milwaukee drills, choose a model with the features that are best suited for your job. Here's a basic overview of some of the drill types we carry:

  • Milwaukee Drill/Drivers: All-purpose power tools used for drilling holes and driving screws.
  • Milwaukee Impact Drivers: Driving tools that deliver more torque than standard drills and use quick-change bits.
  • Milwaukee Hammer Drills: Similar to traditional drill/drivers but with powerful hammering functions that drill into masonry.
  • Milwaukee Cordless Drills: Offer convenience and freedom to work without the need for power outlets or extension cables.

Milwaukee Saws

No matter the scope of the project, there's a Milwaukee saw to help you tackle the task. Picking the right saw for each job is highly important. The following information can help you pick an appropriate Milwaukee saw for any application:
  • Milwaukee Circular Saws: Ideal for making straight cuts on lumber, these portable, electric saws have rotating blades that cut quickly and easily.
  • Milwaukee Jig Saws: Lightweight and ideal for detail cutting, these saws have vertical blades that move up and down and are designed to cut curves as opposed to straight lines.
  • Milwaukee Reciprocating Saws: Powerful and adaptable to many needs, these saws range from light to heavy-duty use and can effortlessly cut through most materials.

When shopping our inventory of Milwaukee saws, consider the types of jobs you'll be working on. If you're primarily tackling lighter projects and you want to avoid the hassle of finding a nearby power source each time you work, consider opting for a Milwaukee cordless saw. For heavy-duty projects, corded Milwaukee saws deliver more power than their cordless counterparts.

Milwaukee Impact Wrenches

Commonly used for loosening lug nuts on cars and trucks, Milwaukee impact wrenches can be helpful for any high-torque situation. They accommodate sockets of various sizes and deliver tremendous amounts of torque when fastening or loosening sockets.

Browse our array of top-quality Milwaukee power tools online, or visit your neighborhood Ace to view our selection in-person. Then, explore our impressive collection of Milwaukee hand tools to add to your arsenal, too.