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About Chipper & Log Splitters

Whether you're doing heavy labor for work or you're simply looking to clean up a large expanse of your backyard, having a wood chipper or wood splitter handy can save you valuable time and money. Along with clearing your yard or work space of debris and trees, chippers and splitters can also create healthy mulch to add to your garden area.

Shop Ace Hardware to find the best wood splitter and chipper for your needs. Use the search tools to refine your results by brand, price, use, top-selling products, sale items and more.

Wood Chippers

Wood chippers can be helpful for construction workers, people with a large backyard, or homeowners taking on yard reconfiguration on their own. Used properly, they can keep your yard clean and make quick work of debris to get your outdoor space beautiful and pristine in a short amount of time.

Use these tips from Ace Hardware when shopping for a wood chipper:

  • Look for an electric chipper for light duty. These are ideal for homeowners who want to handle regular yard maintenance around their home or work on small renovation projects.
  • Check the horsepower. Most homeowners don't need a high horsepower model, but if you're using your wood chipper for work, more horsepower can mean a more efficient operation.
  • Pay attention to the capacity of your chipper. If you need to get rid of extremely large branches and pieces of yard debris, it’s important that your chipper can handle the load.
  • Take note of the reduction ratio. This number describes how efficient a wood chipper will be in converting organic material into a smaller, easy-to-handle amounts of waste.

Helpful Hint: Look for a wood chipper with a tow bar or hitch post to make transporting the machine as easy as possible.

Log Splitters

Log splitters serve a special purpose, making them a unique tool for anybody working outdoors.

Take advantage of these tips for Ace to help you get the right wood splitter for your needs:

  • Choose a gas or electric model, depending on your needs and amount of usage. Gas models tend to work overtime, making them ideal for professionals. Electric models are ideal for heavy home use.
  • Check the horsepower. High horsepower equals a more efficient model, which can make quick work of large logs.
  • Don't forget about tire size. For professionals on the go or people with large yards, bigger tires improve stability and make transporting your wood splitter much easier.
  • Consider a manual model. Wood splitting wedges can be helpful for homeowners who only have a few logs to deal with each year. They're also very cost-effective when compared to gas or electric models.

Stop by your local Ace Hardware today to learn more about our heavy-duty outdoor machines. Whether you’re a construction worker, gardening professional or a homeowner, find the right wood chipper or log splitter model for your needs at Ace today.