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About Bicycles & Wagons

Whether you want to take casual strolls through the neighborhood or run errands in the city, Ace Hardware has a wide variety of inexpensive bikes for you to choose from. Find a high-quality style, design and model you love. Then, browse our selection of kids’ bikes and wagons to let your little ones ride right alongside you during all your relaxing trips.

Shop Ace Hardware to find everything from cruiser bikes for adults to the perfect casual bikes and wagons for kids. Use the search tool to refine your results based on brand, price, style, top-selling products and more.

Picking the Right Bike for You

Whatever your riding style, Ace Hardware can help you find the right bicycle to fit your needs. 

Use these tips to help you choose the perfect bike for you: 

  • Buy based on your riding style. Cruiser bikes are ideal for casual rides around the neighborhood with friends and family. 
  • Check the height for your bike. Many bikes have adjustable seats, but if the frame is the wrong size, you probably won’t be riding as comfortably. 
  • Shop men's and women's bikes. Center bar placement, height and handle bar width and length vary depending on men’s and women’s style, significantly affecting the way you ride.

Helpful Hint: Don't forget to stock up on accessories like bike locks, helmets, upgraded seats, self-healing tire tubing and more. 

Ace has everything you need to outfit your bike for all your riding needs. 

Picking the Right Bike for Your Kids

When your kiddos are ready to ride in style, stop by Ace Hardware to find the perfect for model for their level of expertise. If you aren’t sure which casual bikes are right for them, use these simple tips: 

  • For younger kids, use a wagon to easily pull them along wherever you go. 
  • For children who are just learning how to ride, buy a tricycle or training bike. These models will help them get the hang of riding before they jump on a regular bicycle. 
  • For older kids who already know how to handle a standard model, buy a bicycle with the proper frame size to match their height.

Add a Wagon For kids, nothing beats playing in a classic wagon outside. 

Use these tips from Ace to find the right choice for your family: 

  • Add a classic Radio Flyer wagon to your child's playtime. 
  • Standard models are ideal for backyard and sidewalk play, and you can find all-terrain models with heavy-duty tires if you want something a bit more rugged. 
  • Look for tricycle-like wagon options to let your little ones slowly get the hang of a regular bicycle. 
  • Shop for over-sized wagons that are ideal for more than one child.

Whether you're shopping for adult bicycles or playtime activities for kids, bicycles, tricycles and wagons are a great way to spend time outdoors. 

Shop Ace Hardware for every type of bike and all the accessories you'll need.